ARCH 3308/6308-106
Gaming Architecture

gaming screen shot showing a robot with guns aimed at it


This class will explore the use of augmented and immersive virtual reality in real time design at the early stages of the architecture and urban design process. The focus will be to examine these emerging technologies as integral to design thinking and not merely as a tool for post facto visualization. The class will examine several gaming platforms to determine the possibilities they present for real-time architectural design and visualization in augmented and immersive virtual reality space. In addition to reading and class presentations and discussion, there will be hands-on workshops and presentations by staff from gaming companies like Epic Games Inc. on the architecture of their gaming engines and design platforms. One of the expected outcomes of the course will be to prepare specifications for adapting Epic's gaming platform for design. Students will also beta test the software builds that will be developed from their specifications. And yes, there will be some game playing as well.


Weekly seminar with periodic workshops and presentations by industry experts.


  • Class attendance and full participation in class projects.
  • Preparing wish list specifications for software development
  • Beta testing of software builds by game developers
  • Paper on the use of AVR in architectural design. Specific topics to be announced
  • Class is open to upper-class undergraduates and graduate students

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