Undergraduate Admissions: Concurrent Degree Option

The Concurrent Degree Option is an opportunity for current Cornell students who wish to pursue diverse interests across college boundaries. Students who pursue the Concurrent Degree Option have identified a second academic area of serious interest within the university. Through a process that usually begins during the second year on campus, students apply into a second degree program. If they are admitted, they will need to complete all requirements for both majors within 10 semesters. At the end of 10 semesters, students graduate having concurrently earned two separate Cornell degrees.

Students interested in the Concurrent Degree Option in combination with the bachelor of fine arts degree or the bachelor of science in urban and regional studies must follow a college-specific concurrent degree application process. To find out more about the undergraduate programs within AAP, and the process for applying to the Concurrent Degree Option, you must meet with the AAP director of admissions, during walk-in hours for the Office of AAP Admissions in 235 Sibley Dome.

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