Urban and Regional Studies Minor

The urban and regional studies (URS) minor has been formulated specifically for out-of-department students who are interested in what shapes cities and metropolitan regions.


  • A minimum of six classes (total of 18 credit hours) in the Department of City and Regional Planning (CRP). Classes must be completed with a letter grade of C or above.
  • 9 credit hours of required core classes:
    • CRP 1100 American CitiesAn introductory course on the physical evolution of the American metropolis – its origins, planning, design and development. In it we unpack the visions, values and ideals that have shaped settlement patterns on the land from the pre-colonial era to the present day, and interrogate the manifold forces—political, socioeconomic, technological—that have created America's urban and suburban built environments. Throughout the semester we probe the complex and iterative relationship between space and society in America, seeking to learn what it tells us about our nation and ourselves. (3 credits)
    • CRP 1101 The Global CityThe course introduces students to urbanization in the Global South. It examines the demographic, economic and historical processes that create cities. Attention is given to the role of the state, market, non-governmental actors and communities in planning, building, and governing of cities. The course investigates opportunities and challenges facing cities, including but not limited to unprecedented increases in inequality, migration, climate change, informality, and access to shelter and core infrastructure. (3 credits)
    • CRP 2000 The Promise and Pitfalls of Contemporary Planning Introduction to the historical origins and evolution of city and regional planning. Students acquire a deeper understanding of professional practice, theoretical foundation, core values, primary methods, and key challenges facing contemporary planners through lectures, readings, films, in-class exercises, individual and team-based research, and observation of public meetings. The course provides an overview of successes and failures in the history of planning, as well as opportunities and tensions that will shape the future of cities and city and regional planning.(3 credits)
  • 9 credit hours of elective CRP classes at the 3000 level or higher. Please consult the department class listings.

How to Apply for the URS Minor

Student meets with home college faculty advisor. Upon completion of course requirements, student completes a URS Minor Application form. The URS program director (URS Minor Advisor) also verifies completion of the Minor and signs the form. The CRP Department verifies course completion and grades for Minor requirements, signs the application form, and sends notification to the student's home college. The home college will update the student's transcript accordingly.

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