The program is led by Department of Architecture faculty members Luben Dimcheff and Michael Jefferson. In addition, recent graduates of Cornell's esteemed bachelor's and master's programs work with students, as do invited faculty and guest critics. 

Guest Lecturers

Previous guest lecturers have included:

  • Sekou Cooke, Department of Architecture, Syracuse University
  • Jack Elliott, Department of Design and Environmental Analysis, Cornell University
  • Donald Greenberg, Program of Computer Graphics, Cornell University
  • Christoph Kumpusch, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University
  • Amy Lewis, CEO, Agrisculpture
  • Lenny Mirin, Department of Architecture, Cornell University
  • Mark Morris, Department of Architecture, Cornell University
  • Jonathan Ochshorn, Department of Architecture, Cornell University
  • Lauren O'Connell, Department of Art History, Ithaca College
  • Michael Tomlan, Department of City and Regional Planning, Cornell University

Teaching Assistants

Teaching assistants include recent graduates and current students from AAP's Bachelor of Architecture and professional Master of Architecture programs.

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