Transition Plans for Rand Hall and Mui Ho Fine Arts Library

The Rand Hall first-floor fabrication shops were closed in May 2017 to prepare for the construction of Mui Ho Fine Arts Library (FAL) and building renovations. The shops and the fine arts library circulation desk and other services have been relocated to other areas within AAP until August 2019.

Overview of the temporary fabrication shops and library space (PDF)

Annex Space

Annex space moves to Milstein Hall storage space.

The Rand Hall annex was relocated to the Milstein Hall storage area, B09. This location is central to Tjaden Hall and the Milstein and Sibley hall studio spaces. All existing carts are provided and cordless tools can be checked out for use after hours. The AAP Supply Store has also temporarily moved here during construction.

Annex Space Floor Plan (PDF)

FAL Services

The FAL circulation desk was relocated to B56 in East Sibley Hall. The reserve stacks are available, while other books are housed at the University Library Annex and can be retrieved upon request.

FAL Services Floor Plan (PDF)

Digital Fabrication, Seminar, and Critique Spaces

The Digital Fabrication Lab has moved to the second floor of East Sibley Hall. The new space houses all the existing laser cutters and 3D printers. There is an additional desktop 3D printer area, which allows students to work with different types of printers, and an electronics soldering bench that can be used to build and test Arduino style controls and sensors. A new classroom and critique spaces have also been completed on the second floor.

Digital Fabrication, Seminar, and Critique Spaces Plan (PDF)

Metal Working Area

A work area was installed between The Foundry and the Kiln Shed and has been outfitted with electric and gas welding capabilities, a grinder, a belt sander, and an assortment of hand tools from the Rand Hall metal working area. A covered trailer is being used to store all the equipment, tools, and safety gear at night.

Metal Working Area Plan (PDF)

Sculpture Classroom

The sculpture classroom moved from The Foundry to Tjaden Hall room 205. All the existing tables, tool cabinets, and shelving have been set up in the new space.

Sculpture Classroom Floor Plan (PDF)

Wood Shop and CNC Lab

The Rand Hall wood shop has moved to The Foundry sculpture classroom and the CNC lab has moved into The Foundry annex.

Wood Shop and CNC Lab Floor Plan (PDF)