Construction Highlights for Rand Hall and Mui Ho Fine Arts Library

Interior Steel

October 8, 2018

Interior steel

Painting continues on the interior structural steel as the installation of steel for the new elevator shaft begins.

Mockup Window Installed

July 20, 2018

Brick building with one installed glass window and a mason in a construction bucket working above

A full mock-up window has been installed on the on the northern façade and can be viewed from the sidewalk on University Avenue. Progress continues on the masonry restoration and the steel erection.

Steel Columns to Be Installed Starting Tomorrow

May 2, 2018

Crane ladder with moody sky

The crane has arrived and will be mobilized to lift the new steel columns into place through the open roof space, following last week's demolition.

Roof Demolition

April 25, 2018

Room with open metal trusses and rubble on the floor

Restoration work continues on the exterior façade's north elevation as the demolition of the roof begins.

Rand Hall Stair Tower Comes Down

March 3, 2018

The external egress stair tower added to Rand Hall in 1968 was torn down this weekend. When completed in 2019, the project will have restored the structure to its original transparency and massing.

Construction Begins on Mui Ho Fine Arts Library

January 25, 2018

man in hardhat in a mini excavator pushing concrete slabs

Learn more about the project in this recently published news article.

Project Approval and Start of Construction

December 14, 2017

empty third floor of Rand Hall

The third floor of Rand Hall is now empty and waiting for construction to begin. William Staffeld / AAP

The Cornell University Board of Trustees approved the construction phase of the Rand Hall renovation on December 7. Welliver, contractor for the project, will start work immediately.

Welcome back!

September 1, 2017

The Rand Hall shops, Fine Arts Library (FAL) circulation desk, and other services have moved to other locations within AAP. Full transition plans for Rand Hall and Mui Ho Fine Arts Library are located here.

Digital Fabrication

digital fabrication space showing printers and work area

Digital fabrication laser cutters and 3D printers are now located on the second floor of East Sibley Hall.

FAL Circulation Desk

The FAL circulation desk has relocated to B56 in East Sibley Hall.

Wood Shop

The Rand Hall wood shop has moved to The Foundry sculpture classroom.

Sculpture Classroom

The sculpture classroom has moved from The Foundry to Tjaden Hall room 205.


The CNC lab has moved into The Foundry annex.

Metal Working

The metal working area is now located between The Foundry and the Kiln Shed.

Annex Space

The Rand Hall annex has relocated to the former Milstein Hall storage area, room B09.