Venus Of

Inspired heavily by my Southeast Asian heritage and research in Tantric literature and yogic philosophy, my work explores possibilities of the human body as a site of spiritual transcendence. Issues of feminism and colonialism inform the delicate relationship between the sensual and the objectified.

Acknowledging mythologies as envoys of cultural knowledge, Venus Of hijacks the myth of Pygmalion — in which a sculptor forms his ideal female image out of ivory and prays to Venus to bring it to life. Subverting the patriarchal touch of the mythic sculptor, Venus Of asserts the powerful, procreative energy of the female spirit as architect of energetic life. Creating an inwardly meditative space for viewers, Venus Of visualizes a mythology that imagines a world shaped by the perpetual cycle of creation and destruction — a cycle where body, mind, and spirit coalesce as pure energy.

Mariko Azis