Group Project Storage (+)

Storage (+) envisions a new resilient food and energy production scheme for Manchester. Calling upon food and energy as two separate, yet beneficially intertwined systems, this project deals with the temporalities inherent to both through a series of storage mechanisms manifested directly on site. Energy and food take hold within three newly constructed storage gasometer towers as: an electric vehicle parking/charging tower, a heated water and greenhouse tower, and a flywheel tower that powers food production within and supports external plug-in programs. This dual system also accommodates and engenders certain types of lifestyles at varying scales within the city. Three such lifestyles (characterized by Pavel, Linda, and Cornelius) have been called out in order to detail and navigate this socially-cognizant system. Ultimately, the scheme seeks to not only provide amenities previously not available to the neglected area, but also to take on the role of a social condenser, creating landscapes of production with the potential for social interaction.