Problem no.3 LARGE; Museum

The final step of the project aims to apply the DNA from the first step, and the created mass and volume from the second step, to a real site and program. An appropriate design was to be constructed from the careful analysis of the given site in Binghamton, New York. The site is a mass of two intersecting rectangular sites, which gave both a limitation and an advantage on designing the two main volumes. Consideration for the existing facade was also required. Extended lines and vertical surfaces created ribbons, which became the design method for the interior and circulation.

The site's dense characteristic, which allowed cracking and excavation in the mass, became the key to designing the open circulation and public space. Also, as the linking space between the two main masses, three programmatic volumes of the museum, lecture, and studio were designed. The union of these three parts portrays the intersecting structural factor of the previous design.