Line of Site

  • Emily Chang, B.Arch. 2015
  • Hometown Saratoga, California
  • Class ARCH 4102 Option Design Studio (spring 2014)
  • Instructor Visiting Critic Frano Violich
    Visiting Critic Sasa Zivkovic

Line of Site is envisioned as a testing ground for the integration of agriculture and mariculture as a method of treating the Croatian coast. Landscape, hardscape, and marinescape are broken into splintered lines that soften the edge of the site. An integrated polyculture creates a closed system where excess nutrients that are a by-product of fish farming are filtered by mussels and also fed to greenhouse tomatoes. Algae facades on each building also act as a water filter while generating biomass that can be converted into energy or fed to the farmed fish. In keeping a consistent "kit of parts" logic, this experimental application to the coast has the potential to be replicated elsewhere in the future.