Group Project Identity and the Global Lens

  • Morgan Bang, B.F.A. 2015
    Jessica Chu, B.F.A. 2016
    Valerie Kwee, B.F.A. 2016
    Da Bin Lee, B.F.A. 2016
    Rachel Margolis, B.F.A. 2016
    Bella Sewon Oh, B.F.A. 2015
    Katya Savelieva, B.F.A./B.A. 2016
    Danni Shen, B.F.A. 2015
    Melody Stein, B.F.A. 2016
  • Class ART 3601 Identity and the Global Lens
  • Instructor Professor Jean Locey

Students in this course investigated the visual representation of identity in contemporary culture as they considered the impact of global perspectives on the understanding and interpretation of self through the lens of race, gender, and geography.