Hybrid Strip

The basis of the project comes from the definition of an ancient consular road, Via Ostiense, as an axis leading to the sea. Defined by pure geometric elements and parallel movements the road becomes a straight line. That same definition is repeated on the ruins site of Ostia Antica.

Set at the very edge of the ruin site, a one kilometer long strip building marks the historic edge of the Ancient sea border. Organized into a longitudinal pristine museum building and concrete volumes that intersect it, the project becomes a hybrid that ties together the two contrasting aspects of the site; the ancient ruins and the modern highway. 

The strip becomes a machine that plugs into the car infrastructure and fills in the gaps of the ruins creating new public spaces as well as a new monumental entry to the site. Envisioned primarily as a historical marker the project becomes a device; a filter facade that reveals and demonstrates the intrinsic relationship and the juxtaposition between the old and the new.