Hotel + Urban Park/Farmer’s Market

  • Elena Toumayan, B.Arch. 2015
  • Hometown Bethesda, Maryland
  • Class ARCH 3101 Design V (third-year studio)
  • Instructor Visiting Assistant Professor Dana Cupkova

The design responds to a significant elevation change in the site and creates three distinct zones of program. Pedestrian access in the form of an urban park on the roof connects the street to the creek. Below the building a covered area hosts farmers markets and other events. The hotel is situated between these two elements. Skylights puncture through the entire building allowing natural light to permeate the space below. The skylights articulate the park zone, organize space in the hotel zone, and admit light to farmer's market zone. Design process was aided by a dynamic parametric program, grasshopper. The script was organized around the notion of three separate systems originating from the same surface making up one larger entity. The shape of the originating surface to the parametric design is dictated by the spatial needs of the three programs.