Drawing from the City

  • Sophia Szagala, M.Arch. 2016
  • Hometown Toronto, Canada
  • Class Arch 6509 Special Topics in Visual Representation: Drawing from the City (spring 2014)
  • Instructor Visiting Critic Luben Dimcheff

Project 1, Morgan Library + Museum - Study: Print, Pen on Mylar. A drawing study of Renzo Piano’s addition (garden court/atrium and three pavilions) that unite the complex of buildings. After a volumetric perspective was drawn, principal components within were detailed in layers.

Project 2, Elmer Holmes Bobst Library - Book: Mixed Media. Book plates selected from a series of 12 that explore the experiential narrative of a user within the main atrium of the library, both past and present. Materiality, filtering, viewpoints and scale were explored in order to document the various conditions – upon entry, circulating around, and at the top of the atrium.