Built Environment, Quality of Space, and Sustainability

  • Yana Azova, B.S. URS 2015
  • Class Built Environment, Quality of Space, and Sustainability Workshop
  • Instructor Assistant Professor Ying Hua
    Associate Professor Jack Elliot

In 2012 the Cornell University departments of Design and Environmental Analysis and Architecture and Zhejiang University, China, launched a three-year scholarly exchange project. As part of the exchange, in December 2013, seven Cornell students, together with DEA professors Ying Hua and Jack Elliott, made a two-week trip to China to visit towns and cities with very different scales: Jiande, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. Part of the group also traveled to Beijing for an additional week.

Lessons learned by the Cornell group from the site visits and presentations by government planners and university professors has been documented in a book that also shares the story of the trip and the reflections of the participants.