Welcome New B.Arch. Students

Fall 2017 B.Arch. Student Schedule

All first-year B.Arch. students will enroll in the following classes, totaling 18 academic credits (plus 1 non-academic physical education credit), in the fall semester:

  • ARCH 1101 Design I (6 credits)
  • ARCH 1501 Representation I: Freehand Architectural Drawing (3 credits)
  • ARCH 1611 Environmental Systems I (3 credits)
  • ARCH 1801 History of Architecture I (3 credits)
  • Out-of-Department Elective (First-Year Writing Seminar recommended) (3 credits)
  • Physical Education (1 non-academic credit)

Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum Guide

B.Arch. First-Year Supply Kit

Course Enrollment Procedures

Required architecture courses: The AAP Office of Admissions and Academic Services will enroll all B.Arch. students in required architecture courses (ARCH 1101, 1501, 1611, and 1801) by June 30. After that date, students can review their schedule of required courses in Student Center.

Out-of-Department Elective (First-Year Writing Seminar recommended): B.Arch. students are required to complete one First-Year Writing Seminar (FWS) in the first year of study, and it is suggested that this requirement be completed in the first semester. Students enroll in their FWS through a ballot process. Ballots can be submitted from Monday, July 10 through Tuesday, July 18, using the FWS ballot page. Additional information is available at the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines. Be sure to ballot for seminars that do not conflict with required courses.

Physical Education (PE): All Cornell students are required to complete two PE courses in the first year of study. Students will enroll in PE using Student Center from Monday, July 10 through Tuesday, July 18. A complete listing of PE classes is available in the fall 2017 course and time roster. Be sure to enroll in a PE class that does not conflict with required courses or FWS.

How to Enroll in Classes:

Step-by-step enrollment instructions, including tutorials, are available online. Please review this information before the enrollment period begins.