Sabin Wins Young Architect Prize

PolyMorph by Jenny Sabin.
PolyMorph (2013), Jenny Sabin Studio, FRAC Centre, Orleans, France. 1,400 digitally produced and hand cast ceramic components interwoven and tensioned to form a large suspended spatial structure. photo / Jenny E. Sabin
Sabin's myThread Pavilion
myThread Pavilion (2012), Jenny Sabin Studio, Nike Stadium, New York City. Interior view of knitted pavilion, opening night. Commissioned by Nike FlyKnit Collective. photo / Simin Wang (M.Arch. '13)
Sabin's myThread Pavilion
myThread Pavilion (2012), Jenny Sabin Studio, Nike Stadium, New York City. Overall view of knitted pavilion. Commissioned by Nike FlyKnit Collective. photo / Nike Inc.
Sabin's Greenhouse and Cabinet of Future Fossils.
Greenhouse and Cabinet of Future Fossils (2011), Jenny Sabin Studio, commissioned by the American Philosophical Society Museum, and funded by Heritage Philadelphia Program, a program of The Pew Center for Arts and Heritage. photo / Brent Wahl
April 28, 2014

Jenny Sabin, assistant professor of architecture, is the recipient of a 2014 Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers.

The League Prize is an annual portfolio competition organized by The Architectural League under the direction of the league's program director Anne Rieselbach and the Young Architects and Designers Committee. The committee, a group selected each year from past winners of the League Prize, is responsible for developing the program's theme and selecting competition jurors.

Sabin describes her work as investigating "the intersection of architecture and science, and applying insights and theories from biology and mathematics to the design of material structures." She says, "Biology presents useful conceptual models to consider, where form is in constant adaptation with environmental events."

The 2014 competition's theme, Overlay, asked "how the idea of overlay (iterative, conceptual, and notational) drives discourse, tension between iterations, design solutions, and the parameters by which work is reviewed." Open to designers 10 years or fewer out of school, the competition draws entrants from around North America.

"I addressed the theme of overlay through the active datascapes that inspire and drive my work," says Sabin. "Here, overlay is an elastic ground — a datascape — that informs and specifies form, function, and structure. My work attempts an analogous deep organicity of interrelated parts, material components, and building ecology. By investigating loops that filter datasets through material organizations, my work seeks to form a bridge between the human body and technology as an active overlay that steers and contributes to a new material practice in architecture."

Winners will lecture in June and display their work in an exhibition on view through the summer. Sabin's lecture will be on June 26 in Manhattan.

The other 2014 winners are Kutan Ayata and Michael Young, Young & Ayata, Brooklyn; Claus Benjamin Freyinger and Andrew Holder, The LADG, Los Angeles; Adam Fure, SIFT Studio, Ann Arbor; Thomas Kelley and Carrie Norman, Norman Kelley, Brooklyn and Chicago; and Geoffrey von Oeyen, Geoffrey von Oeyen Design, Los Angeles.

This year's League Prize jury consisted of Preston Scott Cohen, Evan Douglis, Florian Idenburg, Jennifer Lee, Charles Renfro, and Annabelle Selldorf. Committee members were Ajmal Aqtash, Beat Schenk, and Bryan Young.