Reversing Oblivion: A Documentary Film by Ann Michel and Phil Wilde

Movie poster showing and old photo of boys in front of a brick farm house
Reversing Oblivion, a film featuring the fall 2015 architecture option studio, Design Plan 2.0. photo / provided
Person in dark room looking out window
Still from Reversing Oblivion, a film featuring the architecture option studio, Design Plan 2.0. photo / provided

Reversing Oblivion is a recently released documentary film about an Ithaca family's past, their hidden Jewish roots, and a quest to uncover their family's trauma in their ancestral homeland — German Silesia, which is now a part of Poland — during World War II. The documentary revolves around the ruins of the estate of Bzionkow, and features the architecture option studio titled Design Plan 2.0, which traveled to Poland to discover the possibilities of a new incarnation for the estate after a much-conflicted history in Silesia.

The 49-minute film will be followed by a Q&A session with the film's participants and filmmakers.

The film's screening is cosponsored by AAP's Department of Architecture; the Cornell Jewish Studies Program; Critically Now, a pop-up and growing event series at AAP; and the following contributors:

  • Filmmakers: Ann Michel '77, Philip Wilde '73
  • Cornell University Department of Architecture: Aleksandr Mergold, assistant professor; Arista Jusuf (B.Arch. '16), Paola Cuevaz Baez (B.Arch. '17), Sagar Karnavat (B.Arch. '17), and Stefan Krawitz (B.Arch. '17)
  • Cornell University Jewish Studies Program: Jonathan Aaron Boyarin
  • Hobart and William-Smith Colleges, Department of Political Science: David Ost, professor of political science