Patrick Braga: Eyes That Do Not See (Opus 42)

From the score of Eyes That Do Not See (Opus 42)
Detail from the score of Eyes That Do Not See (opus 42).
Opera rehearsal
Braga, at right, conducting during a rehearsal for Eyes That Do Not See. photo / provided

Patrick Braga's (B.A./B.S. URS '17) second opera, Eyes That Do Not See (opus 42), is the first opera written about Le Corbusier and joins architecture and city planning together with mythology and music. The myth of Prometheus serves as a narrative lattice to support elements of the life and theory of Le Corbusier, a founding figure in modernist architecture. Both of these figures intersect to explore the themes of unseeing eyes, the introduction of light into spaces, and the unintended consequences of technology. Accompanying the performance will be images of Le Corbusier's oeuvre, video of midcentury urban renewal, and two dancers. A lead tenor soloist plays both the architect and Prometheus throughout, and all other characters are played by a five-voice women's choir. 


Patrick Braga is a fifth-year undergraduate majoring in urban and regional studies, economics, and music. He studied abroad at St. Anne's College at the University of Oxford, where he read geography and music. As a Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar and Mellon fellow, Braga has focused his research on transportation and land use planning as well as histories of urbanism in thought and practice, focusing on Rio de Janeiro, Havana, Boston, and Washington, DC. In music, Braga specializes in composition and has brought his interests in urban planning and music together in Eyes That Do Not See (opus 42), his second opera. His first opera, La Tricotea, was performed in Barnes Hall in December 2015.