Monograph: ARCH 4509/6509 Exhibition

Monograph poster image
MONOGRAPH: ARCH 4509/6509 student exhibition. photo / provided
Monograph poster image
MONOGRAPH: ARCH 4509/6509 student exhibition. photo / provided

A portfolio is comprehensive; a monograph is compromised.
A portfolio is objective; a monograph is subjective.
A portfolio is universal; a monograph is personal.
A portfolio explains; a monograph mystifies.
A portfolio hastens; a monograph hesitates.
A portfolio is slick; a monograph is slippery.
A portfolio is honest. A monograph is deceptive.
A portfolio is graphic. A monograph is therapeutic.
A portfolio is defensive. A monograph is adaptive.

~ From Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Ligano, LOT-EK ADV STUDIO V

The MONOGRAPH has traditionally been a device through which an architect's (or an artist's) body of work has been disseminated to a specific audience — a medium through which a distillation of the author's principal ideas and artifacts are envisioned and presented. The MONOGRAPH is a medium through which the concepts embedded in a work are not only framed and interpreted but given greater depth and meaning. And it is the design of the MONOGRAPH that becomes the vehicle of that meaning. These 21 MONOGRAPHS are each a critical representation of a single project.

Featured Work:

The Dean and Life of Xinhe Shipyard, Zeyu Cai (M.Arch.II '17)
Cartographic Bodies, Kate Chen (B.Arch. '18)
Assembly House, Ethan Davis (M.Arch. '17 )
Redhook Preschool, Aurelie Frolet (M.Arch. '17 )
Handbook of Concrete, Evelyn Fung (M.Arch. '17 )
463 Galbraith, Brian Havener (M.Arch. '18 )
Encastment, Ben Jones (B.Arch. '18)
Siphraya Forensic Science Museum, Wachira Leangtanom (M.Arch. '17)
Choice and Voice, Jingsi Li (M.Arch.II '17)
Wofold, Lingling Liu (M.Arch. '18 )
Ant Cave, Tianshu Liu (M.Arch.II '17)
World as an Idyll, Viktoriya Maleva (M.Arch.II '17)
Peristalsis, Ben Mayne (B.Arch. '18)
For Wandering the Mind, Brad Nathanson (B.Arch. '18)
Mix Education, Dan Preston (B.Arch. '17)
Poor Minimalism, Konstantinos Petrakos (M.Arch.II '17)
Bureau I+II Municipal Arts Society Proposal, Petrea Sweeny (M.Arch. '17)
Phagocytosed Starfish, Shawn Wang (M.Arch. '17 )
The Hub, Andrew Wong (B.Arch. '18)
Fiberglass, Linning Zhang (M.Arch.II '17 )
Above, Below, Under, Between Pavilion, Maggie Zou (M.Arch. '16)

This exhibition was curated by Associate Professor Andrea Simitch. The work exhibited was completed in an architectural representation advanced seminar.