M.F.A. Group Show: Reunion Exhibition

Abstract painting with black, white, grey and red swirly shapes.
Kate Huffman (M.F.A. '18), detail from Cutting Away flat series.
Abstract painting of grey and white lines with a small amount of red smears mixed in.
Kate Huffman (M.F.A. '18), detail from Cutting Away flat series.
Still image of 4 abstract shapes in blue, green, yellow, and red in front of a wooden pedestal.
Kaleb Hunkele (M.F.A. '17), (not) witch, witch doctor, priest, or even sorcerer (2017), dimensions variable.
One painting of thick light purple paint with a black box in it, another painting of thick yellow paint with two black boxes in it.
Alex Jahani (M.F.A. '18), Gate and untitled (2017), acrylic, gel medium, molding paste, and ultralight on wood panel, 14" x 11".
A black painting with two thin yellow lines on the top and bottom of it.
Alex Jahani (M.F.A. '18), untitled (2017), acrylic, molding paste, and polyester cord on wood panel, 7.5" x 3.375".
Abstract black shape outlines on a white background.
Gabriel Ramos (M.F.A. '18), detail from Memorias Enredadas 1 (2017), ink on paper, 33" x 44".

M.F.A. Group Show: Reunion Exhibition features work from current M.F. A. students Kate Huffman (M.F.A. '18), Kaleb Hunkele (M.F.A. '18), Alex Jahani (M.F.A. '18), and Gabriel Ramos (M.F.A. '18).