Upcoming and Ongoing
Utica, 1975. Photograph by Bill Staffeld
1/25–2/19 Upstate '70s: The Soul of a Documentary Photographer
1/26–2/12 Yuriy Chernets: In a Different Light: Nighttime Photography
Photography by Steinunn Jónsdóttir
1/27–2/26 Shared Spaces/The Berserker's Tale
work by Rebecca Allen
2/8–2/12 AAP NYC Group Show: 26 Broadway
work by Anna Warfield
2/8–2/12 Anna Warfield: Substantial Fragility
work by Brian Sholis
2/8 Brian Sholis: The Romance of Impossible Photographs
DSLR Workshop promo
2/11 DSLR Workshop: Getting the Image Right in Camera
Elevator Pitch
2/17 Elevator Pitch Workshop with Tom Hambury
Work by Michael Wilford
2/17 Michael Wilford: Composition and Character in Architecture
Work by Dagur Eggertsson
2/22 Dagur Eggertsson: The House as an Instrument
Heather Benning: The Dollhouse
2/29–3/25 Heather Benning: The Dollhouse
work by Sam Durant
2/29 Sam Durant: A Discussion of Recent Work
Work by Nina Rappaport
3/2 Nina Rappaport: Vertical Urban Factory
3/4 Socio-Spatial Inequality
3/7 Patty Keller: Photography's Alchemy
3/9 Sou Fujimoto: Recent Works
Jason Kaye
3/11 Jason Kaye: Lunch and Career Conversations on Community and Economic Development Finance
A man standing in the window of an abandoned house in Detroit.
3/11 Strategizing for Sustainability
cathouse funeral by dixon
3/14 David Dixon: Life to Art to Life, etc.
Cathouse FUNeral
3/15 David Dixon: Lunch and Career Conversation for Artists
Outdoor structure by Achim Menges
3/16 Achim Menges: Material Synthesis
Tony Simons
3/17 Tony Simons: How to Negotiate Offers
Flushing Meadows, Corona Park in Queens, New York.
3/18 Modern Ruin: A World's Fair Pavilion
Prone (2014). James Kennedy
3/21–4/29 Shape-Shifting
Stephen Powers paints in his studio. Photo courtesy of the artist/Matthew Kuborn
3/21 Stephen Powers: Drawing from Life 101
Deborah Castillo, La Mezuela
4/4–4/22 Political Iconoclasm and Other Forms of Civil Disobedience
Carl Ostendarp: Book
4/6 Carl Ostendarp: Book
Event promotional poster illustration
4/8 Towards Equity: Raising the Bar for Public Interest Design
Work by Keller Easterling
4/13 Keller Easterling: Extrastatecraft
Student interview
4/14 Architecture Career Forum 2016
work by Rico Gatson
4/14 Rico Gatson: Making Stuff
Work by Antoine Picon
4/20 Antoine Picon: Architecture and Materiality in the Digital Age
4/22 How I Got from Here to There
Work by Yvonne Farrell
4/27 Yvonne Farrell: Place, Precedent + Invention
Man standing in from of mural
4/29 Ferguson, MO: A Breakdown in the Participatory Process
5/29 AAP Commencement 2016
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