Upcoming and Ongoing
Horizontal Section III
1/19–2/13 Tao DuFour: Colonnofagia and the Dissolution of the Wall
1/19–1/30 Stan Taft: Test/Roma
CHRISTIAN KEREZ Uncertain Certainty
1/29 Christian Kerez: ARCHITECTURE
Black and white landscape
1/30 Matthew Hoffman: Private Property in Shared Landscapes
MAST, Bologna (2013).
2/2 LABICS Claudia Clemente and Francesco Isidori: Structures and Backgrounds
model of clear boxes on green, orange, and tan bases
2/4 Sabine Müller: Environments
Work by Leslie Hewitt
2/5 Leslie Hewitt: Still Life
Jessica Millman
2/6 Jessica Millman: Green Neighborhoods
Will Cotton, After Old Faithful (1999)
2/16–3/20 Will Cotton: Vistas of Candy Land
2/16 On Architecture: Beniamino Servino in Conversation with Luca Galofaro
Black and hhite photo of people gathered around a dinner table looking into the camera.
2/18 Diana Agrest Film Screening: The Making of an Avant Garde
House with a wavy roof
2/23 Cecilia Puga: Works and Projects
Work by Ron Jude
2/26 Ron Jude: A Handful of Sand: Photography and the Narrative Impulse
Black and white image
3/4 Claire Zimmerman: Third Text
Work by Matt Connors
3/5 Matt Connors: A Conversation with Matt Connors
3/6 Jim Rokakis: Distressed American Cities
Bridge forming a T again blue sky with building in the distance
3/11 João Luís Carrilho da Graça: Architecture and Landscape
crowded street with people walking past stores in winter coats
3/13 Kris Goddard: Business Improvement Districts
Zarzuela Hippodrome in Madrid (1935)
3/16–4/17 Martín Domínguez Esteban
Dynasty Handbag
3/16 Dynasty Handbag: Marginal Fame
Taipei: Flood Control
3/18 Shih-Fu Peng: Taipei: Flood Control
Employers at a table with microphones
3/19–3/21 Cornell Architecture Recruiting
3/20 Walter Sedovic, Jill H. Gotthelf: Modern Codes Meet Mid-Century Modern
3/23–4/24 Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi: Efflorescence
Work by Michelle Grabner
4/9 Michelle Grabner: Soccermom
Crowd protesting in South Bronx street
4/10 Noliwe Rooks: Michelle Obama, Food Justice, and the Big Business of Poverty in the South Bronx
4/10 Migrations
Kengo Kuma: Smallness
4/17 Kengo Kuma: Smallness
sixteen people in a group picture
4/24 Kevin Walker: We Own it!
5/1 M.R.P. Exit Project
5/24 AAP Commencement 2015
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