Upcoming and Ongoing
Modern building with hills in the background
9/28–10/23 Colombia Transformed
Work by Alan Turner
9/28–10/23 Alan Turner: Sanctuary
Work by Jason Fulford
10/5 Jason Fulford: Raising Frogs for $$$
Workshop graphic
10/6 Adobe Lightroom I
10/6 Internships/Job Search Strategies for AAP Students
Sierra Bainbridge Lecture
10/7 Sierra Bainbridge: Beyond the Building
Lecture by Jorge Otero-Pailos
10/14 Jorge Otero-Pailos: From Monuments to Pollution
NYC skyline
10/15–10/16 33rd Annual Cornell Real Estate Conference
10/16 Adobe Lightroom II: Image Editing in the Develop Module
work by Morgan Ashcom
10/19 Morgan Ashcom: Distortions
Chrysalis Archaeology, South Street Seaport Area
10/20 Alyssa Loorya and Christopher Ricciardi: Gotham Underfoot
Lecture by Johanna Hurme
10/21 Johanna Hurme: Spaces In Between
10/22 Susan S. Fleming: Women and Leadership Lecture and Workshop
10/26–11/27 In the Public Interest: The Life and Work of Regional Planning Pioneer Ladislas Segoe (1894-1983)
Student interviewing
10/27 Interviewing for Positions in the Visual Arts and Built Environment
Lecture by Tatiana Bilbao
10/28 Tatiana Bilbao: Are We Firemen: Housing the World
10/30 Robert Lake: Justice as Subject and Object of Planning
Bernard Tschumi Lecture
11/4 Bernard Tschumi: Concept and Notation
van Gogh, emotional formalism
11/5 Jarrett Earnest: Emotional Formalism: Feelings and Visual Language
Fall 2015 Architecture Graduate Open House
11/6 Architecture Graduate Open House for Prospective Students, Fall 2015
Worlds Apart: Housing development across street from suburban-type home
11/6 Rolf Pendall: Building Inclusion into the Millennial City
Model by Catie Ely (B.Arch. ‘18), Ruby Kaur (B.Arch. ‘18)
11/9–11/20 Structural Systems Class Models, Fall 2015
11/9 Gianfranco Baruchello and Carla Subrizi
Jeongok Prehistory Museum in South Korea
11/9 Anouk Legendre: XTU Architects, Paris
Mette Thomsen Lecture
11/11 Mette Thomsen: Designing Between Scales
Work by Amie Cunat
11/12 Amie Cunat: W for Wave
11/13 Lynn Ross: How I Got from Here to There
Views of low-income neighborhoods in Latin America
11/20 Bjørn Sletto: Radical Planning and Studio Pedagogy in Informal Settlements: Working in the Forgotten Corners of Los Platanitos, Dominican Republic
Silhouetted figures against projected image of people
11/23 Donatella Landi: Zoo of Narratives
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