Upcoming and Ongoing
Will Cotton, After Old Faithful (1999)
2/16–3/18 Will Cotton: Vistas of Candy Land
Series of brick archways
2/18–3/13 John Reps: Glorious Bastides
3/2–3/15 Petra Marar and Levi Schoenfeld: Recent Work
Work by Jesse Kreuzer
3/2–3/6 Jesse Kreuzer: Falling Down Grabbing
Black and white image
3/4 Claire Zimmerman: Third Text
Work by Matt Connors
3/5 CANCELED: Matt Connors: A Conversation with Matt Connors
3/6 Jim Rokakis: Distressed American Cities
3/9 John Reps: The Missing Monograms Mystery
Alberto Dambruoso
3/9 Alberto Dambruoso: From the Loft to the Museum
Bridge forming a T again blue sky with building in the distance
3/11 João Luís Carrilho da Graça: Architecture and Landscape
crowded street with people walking past stores in winter coats
3/13 Kris Goddard: Business Improvement Districts
Zarzuela Hippodrome in Madrid (1935)
3/16–4/17 Martín Domínguez Esteban
Dynasty Handbag
3/16 Dynasty Handbag: Marginal Fame
Taipei: Flood Control
3/18 Shih-Fu Peng: Taipei: Flood Control
3/20 Walter Sedovic and Jill H. Gotthelf: Modern Codes Meet Mid-Century Modern
RAW EXPO poster detail
3/20 Association: RAW EXPO
Outlines of thumbnails with arms and legs in front of a patterned background
3/20 Thumbnail: RAW
3/23–4/24 Iftikhar Dadi and Elizabeth Dadi: Efflorescence
Philharmonic Hall, Szczecin (Poland)
3/26 Barozzi Viega: Recent Work
Milstein Hall exterior view from University Avenue
4/6 Architecture Graduate Open House for Admitted Students, Spring 2015
Work by Michelle Grabner
4/9 Michelle Grabner: Soccermom
Crowd protesting in South Bronx street
4/10 Noliwe Rooks: Michelle Obama, Food Justice, and the Big Business of Poverty in the South Bronx
4/10 Migrations
4/16 Marco Cremaschi: Cities That Have Never Been Modern
Kengo Kuma: Smallness
4/17 Kengo Kuma: Smallness
Flavio Favelli: Manatthan Club
4/20 Flavio Favelli: About My Work
sixteen people in a group picture
4/24 Kevin Walker: We Own it!
Students and faculty in Kaufmann Auditorium in Goldwin Smith Hall
5/1 M.R.P. Exit Project
5/24 AAP Commencement 2015
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