Upcoming and Ongoing
Figure detail from Gensler Shanghai Tower exhibition
10/13–11/7 Gensler: Shanghai Tower
10/20–10/31 In Contesto: in context Cornell Urban and Regional Study in Rome
Two Stories, Lucy Skaer
10/27–11/28 Print Text Language
work by Hobum Moon
11/1–11/15 Urban Design/Planning Works of Hobum Moon
Overhead view of the L. P. Kwee Studios
11/3 Fall 2014 Architecture Graduate Open House
11/3 Cornell Career Services: Interviewing Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices
11/5 David Mason: Building Trust: Social Ties and Group-based Microcredit Lending in Nicaragua
close up of a thumb and nail
11/5 Thumbnail: Origin
Cars parked outside of a mountain-bordered city
11/7 David Mason: Land, Land Everywhere; Nor Any Infrastructure to Link
Nemunoki Children's Art Museum by Sean Wen (M.Arch. '14), James Nguyen (B.Arch. '14)
11/10–11/21 Structural Systems Class, Fall 2014
11/11 Career Conversations with Adam Lubinsky
11/12 Career Conversations with Ron Kelly
Full scale facsimile of the Wall House at 13th Architecture Bienniale in Venice, 2012
11/12 Anupama Kundoo: Building Knowledge
Square print with offset circular patterns
11/13 Anoka Faruqee: Future Perfect
Spoila spelled out in black letters on white background
11/14–11/15 Spolia: Histories, Spaces, and Processes of Adaptive Reuse
Men squatting while eating at a demolition site
11/14 J. P. Sniadecki: Chaiqian/Demolition Film Screening and Filmmaker's Talk
View of a roof with a lookout
11/17–12/10 Traditional Architecture of the Balkans: Selected Sites and Structures
11/17 Alessandro Cambi, Ludovica Di Falco, Francesco Marinelli, and Paolo Mezzalama: -SCAPE Architecture: Close Up
11/18 Michael Sorkin: How Green Was My City
Micheal Smart
11/19 Michael Smart: Gay Neighborhoods and Travel
11/21 Esra Akcan: Open Architecture and the Noncitizen: Urban Renewal of Kreuzberg-Berlin (IBA ’1984/87)
12/3 Renia Ehrenfeucht: Moving to a Shrinking City? Why Young Professionals Come to and Stay in Cities with Weak Job Markets
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