Dragon Day 2017

The 2016 dragon departs from Rand Hall.
The 2016 Dragon begins its trek up East Avenue.
First-year architecture students celebrate the end of the 2016 parade on the Arts Quad.
The 2015 dragon getting finishing touches.
First-year students celebrate as the 2015 dragon comes to rest on the arts quad.
Students welded the steel tube dragon frame for Dragon Day 2014.
First-year students on parade during Dragon Day 2014.
First-year students on parade.
The 2013 dragon's mid section in front of Uris Hall.
First-year students celebrate their successful march around campus and arrival on the Arts Quad during Dragon Day 2013.
Students get ready to start the 2012 Dragon Day parade.
The 2012 dragon parades past Goldwin Smith Hall.
Final preparation for the 2011 dragon.
Dragon Day 2011.
A sun-filled day for the 2010 Dragon Day parade.
The 2010 dragon.
The 2009 dragon was the 108th in Cornell's history.
Scenes from the 2009 Dragon Day parade.

Every year in March, in a tradition that goes back more than 100 years, an enormous dragon created by first-year architecture students parades across campus. Accompanied by AAP students in outrageous costumes, the dragon lumbers to the Arts Quad where it does battle with a phoenix created by rival engineering students. This rite of spring is one of Cornell's best-known traditions.

This year's parade will be live streamed starting at 12:30 p.m. on March 31.

Share your photos of past Dragon Days here.

Dragon Day 2017 will start at approximately 1 p.m. (schedule is subject to change) and the parade route is as follows:

  • Leaves Rand Hall around 1 p.m.
  • Travels east on University Avenue
  • Turns right (south) on East Avenue
  • Turns right (west) on Campus Road
  • Turns right (north) on South Central walkway through Ho Plaza
  • Enters the Arts Quad between Uris and Olin libraries
  • Proceeds to the north end of the Arts Quad by Sibley Hall

Enjoy videos of past Dragon Day parades on CornellCast.

Dragon Day 2017 T-shirts can now be purchased online