B.F.A. Thesis Group Show: Scrolls

Video still of a hand over a blurred out background.
Video still from Mother, I Bow to Thee (2017), by Laureen Andalib (B.F.A. '17).
A close up of a piece of paper photographed in black and white.
Naima Kazemi (B.F.A. '17), untitled (2017), black and white photograph.
Four cyanotypes hung on a wall, featuring families and homes.
Saiyara Fahmi (B.F.A. '17), Family Secrets (2016), cyanotypes.

Scrolls is a cultural and autobiographical exhibition of ritual and memory, physicality and fleeting, feminism and inheritance, and issues of bodies and borders in the Indian subcontinent and Americas. Through installation, alternative photographic processes, materials, and poetry, the show features final theses work of Laureen Andalib (B.F.A. '17), Saiyara Fahmi (B.F.A. '17), and Naima Kazmi (B.F.A. '17).

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