Architecture Final Reviews, Spring 2017

student in front of pinned up display of building renderings
Helena Rong (B.Arch. '17), presenting her thesis in John Hartell Gallery. William Staffeld / AAP
student holding a notebook and gesturing towards a wooden model during a presentation
First-year B.Arch. student presenting her final project in the Milstein dome. William Staffeld / AAP
group of people watching a man speaking
Gensler Visiting Critic Paulo David, center, looking over a student model during the final review of the option studio Designing on the Limit, in the L. P. Kwee Studios. William Staffeld / AAP
man at eye level with a wooden model
Visiting critic Navid Navid during the final review of the option studio Site-Specific, Small-Scale Interventions. William Staffeld / AAP
two students presenting diagrams to a group of seated critics
Students presenting during the option studio Contemporary Stressed Membrane and Tensioned Fabric Structures: Exploring the State of the Art. William Staffeld / AAP
view through a wooden arch of students in a critique
A view of the final review of the option studio Timber Villa in Sibley Hall. William Staffeld / AAP
People in motion on a wooden floor
Nathan Powell (B.arch. '17) presented an interactive demonstration in the L. P. Kwee Studios for his thesis reveiw. William Staffeld / AAP
critics watch a student presentation
Department of Architecture faculty and visiting critics respond to presentations during final thesis reviews. William Staffeld / AAP
student presenting diagrams on a wall
Evan Rawn (B.Arch. '17) presenting his thesis project in the Bibliowicz Family Gallery. William Staffeld / AAP

Friday, May 5

Second-Year B.Arch. Students

Vince Mulcahy
Milstein Hall dome
12:30 p.m.
Guest critics: Luben Dimcheff, Jonathan Ferrari, Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani (B.Arch. '16), and Daniel Toretsky (B.Arch. '16)

Monday, May 8

First-Year B.Arch. Students

Val Warke and Luben Dimcheff
Varied locations (opening introduction in Milstein Hall dome)
12:30 p.m.

Sections led by teaching associates:

Arista Jusuf (B.Arch. '15)
Milstein Hall dome
Guest jurors: Andres Gutierrez (B.Arch. '15, M.S. '17), Rychiee Espinosa, Katharina Kral, John Lura (M.Arch. '11), Liz Muller, Justin Wadge (B.Arch. '15), Jerry Wells, and Sasa Zivkovic

Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani (B.Arch. '16)
John Hartell Gallery
Guest jurors: Esra Akcan; Juan David Grisales (B.Arch. '14); Aslihan Gunhan, Ph.D. candidate in HAUD; George Hascup; Daria Khapalova; Michael Moynihan, Ph.D. candidate in HAUD; Vincent Mulcahy; and Julian Palacio

Dillon Pranger (M.Arch. '15)
157 East Sibley Hall
Guest jurors: Dagur Eggertsson; Luke Erickson (M.Arch. '16); Alexandra Gens; Athanasiou Geolas, Ph.D. candidate in HAUD; Caroline O'Donnell; Henry Richardson; and Youngjin Yi (M.Arch. '14)

Danny Salamoun (M.Arch. '14)
Bibliowicz Family Gallery
Guest jurors: Rubén Alcolea; Timur Dogan; Jeffrey Lodin; John Miller; Sergio Preston, Ph.D. candidate in HAUD; Elizabeth Saleh; and Andrea Simitch

Daniel Toretsky (B.Arch. '16)
West exhibition hallway, Milstein Hall and 201 Rand Hall
Guest jurors: João Almeida, Ed Baum, Tao DuFour, Andrew Fu (B.Arch. '15), Leslie Lok, Ryan Ludwig, Ana Osaki, and Allison Wills (B.Arch. '16)

Tuesday, May 9

Option Studio

Paulo David and João Almeida
Wooden floor area in L. P. Kwee Studios and Stepped Auditorium, Milstein Hall
10 a.m.
Guest critics: Rodolfo Dias, Luben Dimcheff, Timur Dogan, Katharina Kral, and Andrea Simitch

Second-Year B.Arch. Students

Rubén Alcolea
John Hartell Gallery
10 a.m.
Guest critics: Edward Baum, Kent Hubbell, Carlos Jimenez, Aleksandr Mergold, and Val Warke

Leslie Lok
157 East Sibley Hall
10 a.m.
Guest critics: Tao DuFour, Dagur Eggertsson, Carlos Jimenez, Andrew King, and Andrea Simitch

Rychiee Espinosa
Milstein Hall dome
12 p.m.
Guest critics: Sean Gallagher, Athanasiou Geolas, Dasha Khapalova, Diana Martinez, Caroline O'Donnell, and Garrett Ricciardi

Ryan Ludwig
Bibliowicz Family Gallery
12 p.m.
Guest critics: Patrick Charles, Alexander Gens, Roger Hubeli, Mona Mahall, and Georg Rafailidis

Wednesday, May 10

Option Studios

Timur Dogan
Frances Shloss Studio
11 a.m.
Guest critics: João Almeida, Vanessa Carlow, Katharina Kral, Leslie Lok, and Jon Sargent

Mona Mahall
157 East Sibley Hall (after the review, opening exhibition reception at 5 p.m.)
11 a.m.
Guest critic: Asli Serbest

Tao DuFour
Milstein Hall dome (opening presentation in Abby and Howard Milstein Auditorium at 11:15 a.m.)
12:15 p.m.
Guest critics: Jeremy Foster, Alicia Imperiale, Tom McEnaney, Caroline O'Donnell, and Val Warke

Kent Hubbell
Wooden floor area in L. P. Kwee Studios
1:30 p.m.
Guest critics: Nic Bruscia, Hyla Crane, Bruce Graev '74, George Hascup, Jonathan Ochshorn, Carole Roberts '69, Chris Romano, and Rosemary Wick

Thursday, May 11

First-Year M.Arch. Students

Andrea Simitch and Dasha Khapalova
Milstein Hall dome
12:30 p.m.
Guest critics: Ethan Davis (M.Arch. '17), Tiffany Lin (B.Arch. '00), Ángel Martínez García-Posada, Vince Mulcahy, Caroline O’Donnell, Isabel Oyuela-Bonzani, and Val Warke

Third-Year M.Arch. Students

Henry Richardson
157 East Sibley Hall
1:30 p.m.
Guest critics: Jonathan Ferrari, George Hascup, Nikki Liao, and Jonathan Ochshorn

Friday, May 12

Third-Year B.Arch. Students

Jerry Wells
142 and 144 East Sibley Hall
11 a.m.
Guest critics: Mustafa Abadan (B.Arch. '82, M.Arch. '84)

Option Studios

Mark Cruvellier, Dagur Eggertsson, and Sami Rintala with Erin Pellegrino
John Hartell Gallery
11 a.m.
Guest critics: Dasha Khapalova, Tiffany Lin (B.Arch. '00), Vince Mulcahy, Navid Navid, and Val Warke

Julian Palacio
Bibliowicz Family Gallery
11 a.m.
Guest critics: Amber Bartosh, Sean Canty, Leslie Lok, Ángel Martínez García-Posada, David Shanks, and Juanita Vasquez

Jenny Sabin
Milstein Hall dome
11 a.m.
Guest critics: Luben Dimcheff, Tao DuFour, Bill Pottle, and Joshua Stein

Sasa Zivkovic
157 East Sibley Hall
11 a.m.
Guest critics: Fleet Hower and Julie Larsen

Thesis Collection

205 Rand Hall (overflow in 202 Rand Hall)
3 p.m.

Saturday, May 13

Thesis Reviews

Starting at 9 a.m. and ongoing throughout the day
Coordinator: Aleksandr Mergold
Varied locations
Guest critics: Kutan Ayata, Malik Benjamin (B.Arch. '00), Andrei Bokov, Philip Drew, Dagur Eggertsson, Aaron Forrest, Elie Gamburg (B.Arch. '01), Maria Goula, Olalekan Jeyofus (B.Arch. '00), Anna Inber-Bokov, Katie MacDonald (B.Arch. '13), Ángel Martínez García-Posada, Ashley Mendelsohn (B.Arch. '10), Meredith Miller, Navid Navid, Erin Pellegrino (B.Arch. '14), Denise Ramzy, Zoë Small (B.Arch. '98), Daniel Sundlin, and Jim Williamson