Adam Boggs: Experiments in Subarctic Reincarnation

still image from film showing man in front of door screaming with another man behind a door.
Bergman (2017), film still from 9-channel video installation.
Detail of two sets of hands on copper pipes and fiberglass.
Recycle Me, Baby (2017), fiberglass, wood, steel, water.

Adam Boggs is the 2016–17 Artist in Residence at Cornell's Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts. Experiments in Subarctic Reincarnation presents two sculptures completed during the first half of his residency. Recycle Me, Baby, a functioning fountain, taps the film Titanic as a point of departure to explore ideas about global warming and spiritual rebirth. The 9-channel video installation Bergman invites viewers to randomly activate a clip of one of the nine filmic departures of actor Leonardo Dicaprio, interpolated with an actor performing as "Death" in the scene.