AAP NYC: Master of Architecture (Post-Professional) Summer Session

New York City is an urban laboratory for the first semester of Cornell's advanced design research program, the post-professional master of architecture (M.Arch.II). The program makes full use of the city's intellectual and creative resources, as well as its dilemmas and challenges, to introduce students to terms, techniques, and problems of contemporary design inquiry. The intensive eight-week curriculum comprises a design studio and parallel theory seminar, and an advanced digital media class. The studio and seminar are structured to offer an overview of the program's four territories of investigation (TI): 

  • Architecture and Discourse (A+D)
  • Architecture and Ecology (A+E)
  • Architecture and Representation (A+R)
  • Architecture and Urbanism (A+U)

Upon completion of the New York City semester, students commit to one TI to define an individual trajectory of study for the subsequent two semesters on the Ithaca campus.

The M.Arch.II New York City semester offers students the opportunity to work with distinguished designers and thinkers drawn both from New York City and from Cornell's Ithaca campus. The semester's formal class work on and in the city is complemented by a series of weekend, on-site studies of New York City's fabrics, landmarks, and ecologies.