Clarence S. Stein Institute for Urban and Landscape Studies

Fellowship Award Opportunities

The Clarence S. Stein Institute makes awards of up to $20,000 in each of three categories — research, teaching, and community service — for proposals related to the ideas and works of Clarence S. Stein, particularly as expressed in his book, Toward New Towns in America. These include the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban history, historic preservation, and city and regional planning; and both urban and suburban development.  

Category A: Research

One-year research, thesis, and multi-year dissertation fellowship awards are encouraged. These proposals can make use of the vast archival collection of dozens of designers in Stein's era, available in the Kroch Archives at Cornell University. In addition, proposals are being solicited to support other forms of collaborative research work with faculty, students, and outside experts in urban and landscape studies. For example, support might be sought for research leading to a new National Historic Landmark nomination for a Stein-designed suburb.

Category B: Teaching

Proposals will also be entertained to support short courses, workshops, fund a speakers' series or colloquia, or underwrite the expenses of visiting practitioners to participate in courses. Assuming the academic sponsorship and approval of Cornell faculty, teaching support could also fund a fieldwork course in an off-campus urban or suburban location that would examine the issues Stein raised. Student-led initiatives are also invited, with or without direct faculty supervision.

Category C: Community Service

Community service proposals are also solicited. A member of the faculty should direct this collaborative work. It might include community-based learning, particularly in Stein-designed communities. Alternatively, it might support a design charette to advance creative solutions exploring Stein's ideas for a landscape. Internship support connected to a Stein-design is also possible, as is the development of publication or publication subventions for Stein-related projects.

Proposals and Deadlines

The deadline for proposal submissions is March 27, 2015. Proposals should include:

  • One-paragraph statement of purpose
  • Description of the proposal, including its relationship to Stein's ideas, in five or fewer pages
  • Budget for the proposal, including travel, noting any sources of matching funds
  • Budget narrative, describing how and when the funding will be used
  • Timeline for the completion of the project, noting the scheduled phases of completion
  • Preliminary bibliography of the relevant articles and books
  • Curriculum vitae of each person conducting the work, explicitly stating the appropriate mailing address(es)
  • Letters of recommendation from at least one faculty member and/or outside expert

Additional university resources that could aid the proposal process are listed below:

Proposals are due electronically by Friday, March 27 and should be sent to: Stephan Schmidt, director, at The letters of recommendation from faculty and/or outside experts should be provided with the entire package at the electronic address, or if sent by mail addressed to: Stephan Schmidt, Director, Stein Institute Committee, 201 W. Sibley Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. The applications will be reviewed by a committee and responded to in a timely fashion.